Spare parts and consumables for wind turbines

In G2Wind we are dedicated to the sale of spare parts and consumables of wind turbines. We specialize in wind turbine maintenance.

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Spare Parts

Are you looking for a gearbox, a diode, an igbt for the inverter, brake callipers, a pitch cylinder or any other parts?


G2WIND covers all types of components for most brands on the market (Gamesa, Vestas, Siemens, ECOTECNIA-ALSTOM, ACCIONA).


What if G2WIND does not have the part that you are looking for? Don`t worry, we will identify the needed part and we will offer a suitable solution.


Main components and parts, Electric components and parts, Mechanical components and parts, Hydraulic components and parts y consumables.


G2WIND gives warranty on all products.


Shipping service, standard or urgent.


More and more parts are repaired. Why pay more to buy a new part if your component can be repaired at a lower cost with the same warranty?


G2WIND offers repair service for many electronic, electrical, and hydraulic components.

About us

Wind turbine


G2WIND is a leading company in the wind turbine sector that specializes in repair management and spare parts.

As a higher number of wind farms decide to manage their own maintenance, they face the difficulties of navigating the complex wind turbine market and finding the parts that they need.

G2WIND was born in 2011 to meet these needs, and to provide an independent source of spare parts different to that of wind turbine manufacturers.

You don´t need knowledge or resources to manage and optimize the purchase of spare parts.

Working with G2WIND you will have quick access to the best prices and delivery times as well as technical advisory services.

G2Wind has implemented a system of quality management according to the UNE -EN ISO9001 and obtained certification in July 2013. The Quality policy is available to interested parties that require it.

We provide
  • Main components and parts
    (gearboxes, generators, transformers)
  • Electric components and parts:motors, switches, relays, fuses, cables, contactors, electronic components, sensors…
  • Mechanical components and parts
    (brakes, shafts)
  • Hydraulic components and parts
    (pumps, valves, cylinders, radiators)
  • Consumables
    (filters, greases and oils)


G2WIND works with OEMs and principal suppliers in the market:ABB – SCHEIDER ELECTRIC – GE – SIEMENS – INFINEON – SEMIKRON – SHELL – REPSOL – PARKER- VICKERS – SVENDBORG and more.

We also work with smaller, alternative, not so well known suppliers, which often times offer interesting alternatives to the original products.


We are also proud to provide our services to smaller customers that prefer to work with us because of the more flexible and dynamic structure than they had with larger, more rigid suppliers. G2WIND delivers materials all around the world to all kinds of customers: from small local promoters with 2 turbines, to large multinationals that operate thousands of megawatts, as well as to maintenance companies in several countries. Some of the leading global players trust us: