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Ecotècnia was a Barcelona-based manufacturer and installer of wind turbines founded in 1981. In 1999 it became part of the Mondragon Corporation cooperative, based in the Basque Country.

The company’s first wind turbine was a 30 kW machine. In 1991, the company developed a 150 kW machine, and in 1992 it won its first commercial project: fifty 150 kW turbines in Tarifa, Spain

In 2005, the company’s estimated share of the world market (by installed capacity) was 2.1%. By 2007, it had installed more than 1 GW worth of wind farms and increased the power output of its wind turbine range from 30 kW in 1984 to 1.67 MW in 2003. In mid-2007, Alstom acquired Ecotècnia for 350 million euros. At the end of 2007, the company employed more than 800 people, with sales of approximately 400 million euros per year, and operated wind turbine assembly plants in Somozas and Buñuel. It also had sites in Rio del Pozo (control panels) and Coreses (tower manufacturing). The first 3 MW ECO100 wind turbine was formally inaugurated at the Vieux Moulin wind farm (Pithiviers, Paris, France) on 1 October 2009.

The company was renamed Alstom Wind SL in April 2010. Also in 2010, Alstom began construction of a turbine nacelle factory in Amarillo, USA, which was completed in mid-2011. In November 2011, a 300 MW per year manufacturing plant was formally opened in Camaçari, near Salvador, Bahia Brazil.

In March 2012 a prototype 6 MW Alstom Haliade 150 offshore turbine was formally inaugurated; the turbine was developed for large-scale offshore wind projects off the French coast in January 2011

A 6MW Haliade began generating electricity in July 2012 during certification testing. The turbines’ electric generator is supplied by the partner company, General Electric’s subsidiary GE Power Conversion (Converteam), which is also expected to establish a production plant in Saint Nazaire. In November 2013, a Haliade 150 turbine was installed at the Belwind wind farm for operational testing, making it one of the largest operational wind turbines in the world at that time.

In December 2014, the Saint Nazairre housing and generator assembly plant was officially opened. In early 2015 a wind turbine tower factory, built as a joint venture (51% / 49%) between Andrade Gutierrez and Alstom, was opened in Jacobina, Bahia, Brazil.

In November 2015, the majority of Alstom’s power generation and transmission assets were acquired by General Electric. GE’s combined business is called GE Power. The two parties have also created three joint ventures, including a hydro and offshore renewable business unit.

In February 2016, the first series production of 300 permanent magnet wind generators was completed at the Saint Nazaire plant. The subsidiary’s main product is the 6 MW offshore wind turbine ‘Haliade’, one of the most powerful turbines on Earth.